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    Rivian gaining ground

    Electric 4x4…. No thanks. I’ll hold on to my gas powered 4x until they wipe my slobber off the keys when they put me in the nursing home. But on the bright side, electric cars might mean the masses stay close to charging stations and away from remote areas.
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    Saturday, November 20, 2021 - Xterra Trail Ride to Flagpole Knob (VA)

    Can’t make it this time because I’ll be out of town. Wish I could be there, but will look forward to the photos.
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    Affordable seat covers

    I have the cheap autozone seatcovers. They lasted about 9 months and have holes where my butt rubs when getting in the car, so not the best…
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    JerzXterra's Build Thread

    Those tires look good!
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    2013 Volkswagen YETTI

    Wow, nice job! It looks amazing.
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    JeffPro4x's Shadow - Now starring 34.7" tires!

    Jeff- 1; bolt- 0.
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    New in northern IL. Old guy. Long time bowhunter.

    Yah those Isuzus are cool vehicles… always liked the Troopers. Welcome to the forum!
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    October 2-3, 2021 (Sat-Sun) Camping @ Long Run Rd (Second Mountain/Dictum Ridge Runs)

    Congrats on getting the spot! Great weather. See you at the trailhead tomorrow ~1330.
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    October 2-3, 2021 (Sat-Sun) Camping @ Long Run Rd (Second Mountain/Dictum Ridge Runs)

    Can’t overnight, but I’d like to come wheeling on Sunday.
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    Prime'z X²

    Front end looks amazing!
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    Great to find Xterra Nation

    I had a Pathy too before my X. Loved them both. Welcome to the forum!
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    Prime'z X²

    Looking brand new under there! You must be stoked!
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    ARB Solis

    Nice rig!
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    Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Long Run/Second Mountain day, Peter’s Mill night

    Looks like a good trip (especially if you had the diff breather mod:) It’s great that you guys got out. Sorry I missed it.
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    TerryD's 2007 Xterra S "Pepper"

    I had a 55‘ jeep as a kid. It was as you described:) Was a great first car, except for the intermittent brakes.