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  • well I never got your visitor message because you messaged it to yourself lol. nice one kirk. also, marble falls does have a Hilton. it's across town (only like 7 miles) and off of the lake. I used to work right beside it at River City Grille. also, I know it's late notice, but would you wanna go off roading this sunday in san Antonio? and yes I just figure I will use the back of my truck to sleep ha. it fits a twin size air up mattress I hear.
    Camping is not that bad, but I think you need lots of stuff LOL... I have camp gear (pretty much everything) and even an extra tent. LOL My family and I camp 2-4 times a year. If it's just you, you may want to plan to sleep in the back of your X (but it may get really warm) and I understand you may want to windows down. Maybe find a group to share one of the cabins with?. When we arrange for a Hidden Falls trip, I plan to camp there (unless they have a Hilton type propert really close by).

    Buy a small 3 season tent (spring, summer and fall), then a decent sleeping bag. Cabelas or REI are great places to shop, REI being the more High Tech/light weight gear IMO. Look for sales or check the clearance section online.

    ha I understand that my friend. it'll be tight for me too if I go. idk if I am prepared lol I have no camping gear and I have never camped before! lol
    it's all good bro. yeah, we can hit up hidden falls whenever you're ready. they have a pretty good array of trails for all levels so I can definitely still enjoy myself there being pretty much stock.
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