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    What else do you enjoy?

    Fat tire bike? I've had it wrong all this time. I've been fat/tired on my bike so I avoid winter biking like crazy. What else do I do... I play guitar. I play bass. I smoke pork butt. I stuff my face.
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    2nd Gen Skid Plans

    Also a ditch bracket...
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    2nd Gen Skid Plans

    If it helps anybody, I have these template files. One is a pencil drawing, the other is professional looking.
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    Replaced 02 sensor, now code P0171 is showing

    Subscribing because I've been chasing a P0171 for over a year now.
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    Both front windows are slow going yp

    Has anyone mentioned corrosion? Poor electrical contact from corrosion can make motors run slow.
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    Hi from Minnesota

    Still waiting to see these live but you don't want to be seen with us local dudes!
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    Ironman Leaf Springs

    Man I wish I wouldn’t have missed that sale.
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    Ironman Leaf Springs

    I'm anxiously awaiting a review because I'm going to need springs when I finish my bumper. Adding a tire carrier to it so there's going to be some extra weight.
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    How To Turn Off Auto Re-lock Feature - 2nd Gen 2005

    Worked for me! I had to do it twice...First time, turn the key on, hold the unlock and the lights blinked once. Then I turned the key off, then on, held the unlock and the lights blinked twice. Rapidly. And it's stayed unlocked ever since. It does take longer than you'd expect for the...
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    Newbie here

    Welcome from Minneapolis! I have a 2010 Off Road as well!
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    Led Light Bar Using A 2nd Off Road Lamps Switch

    I used epoxy and it's been solid. I had fears that some of it would seep in and prevent a connection, but I've never had issues with it.
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    Fire extinguisher mount

    I have a 5-BC in the little passenger side bay in the back. Screwed the mount that comes with the extinguisher to the top angled part and the can is a perfect fit. Not my pic, but very similar to this:
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    Led Light Bar Using A 2nd Off Road Lamps Switch

    Yeah, $30 for one tiny connector!
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    Led Light Bar Using A 2nd Off Road Lamps Switch

    It wasn't me that found it, but here's the info I received: There's also this one: