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  • Haha! I've got two Hella lights that have been used so little I've considered putting them up on the chopping block. I'm hoping to get some use out of them someday. How many people do you have in on the buy now?
    thanx, Ill keep playin with it and see if I cant find a free version of a photo editor and see what I can do. Im determined to get this done lol. so anyways no hurry, dont work too hard. we'll catch ya later.

    Hey man I thought I'd goahead and throw ya a link to my photobucket account. Ive been messin with photos and cant seem to make up my mind. I keep managing to screw up the pixles, and things just arent falling into place instead of falling apart. lol. Would you mind taking a look and see what you can come up with? Feel free. Thnx.. Jeremy
    Hey Domo (Joe), where you goin with that snake in yo hand?
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