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  • the lights are bright. Im not flipping them on when Im on the main roads, only on the backroads in the mountains or down at the beach. once I see headlights i turn them off. cops dont give a eff because jeepers have them all the time. like 1 out of 3 jeeps have a 50" light bar and pods. they arent getting hassled. Ive been pulled over and never been asked about it. the only time Ive had to cover them up was for inspection. Nothing a plastic bag cant handle. anyway, I can do this sunday. Preferably late morning like 10am or so. the cat food is Royal Canin Urinary SO in the 17lb bag. its like $65 my price.
    Canine? No wonder, your feeding him dog food. Lmao!!!
    I assume you meant feline. I will see what I can come up with.
    Thats right! I helped chop off his winky. Lol.
    My next day off wont be til Sunday.
    What did you mean about Tuesday??
    Oh yeah, you never answered me about your light. How bright is it? Im thinkin bout gettin one. BUT, I read a PA law about them having to be covered on public roads. Have you ever been hassled by John Q Law for having it?
    hahaha yea i did the shocks on my truck myself. not bad, can be a pain in the ass but yea i can help out. i dont know when i can get it done as i started a new job and it is a crazy schedule right now and when i get on my own ill be gone a week at a time. Itd only take me half a day since ive done it now and know what to do. what shocks did you go with? i have jacks and all that. all i need is a flat surface and an extension chord/outlet for my impact wrench. also you may not have seen me because i switched jobs like i said so im no longer out on germantown pike. but im prolly the most noticeable X in the conshy area as i have a 4' antenna and a 31" light bar...no other X has it. but just let me know when a good time to do it (weekends/nights/whatever) We'll work something out thats good for both of us. just keep me posted
    What's happenin man? Hey, can you change Shocks? I wanna do mine, and I've never done Shocks at all ever. And I'm trying not to pay 400 bucks just for the labor. Just wondering.
    I may just need a pro to check my C.B., cause I just can't get it.
    How's things with your X? Still haven't seen it driving round the area. I decided to give the peace sign to every X I drive by. Not 1 person has yet to do anything back. Lol. I think I shock them. Haha
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