Thought my clock spring was bad, but maybe not?


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Here’s a weird one. My volume buttons on the steering wheel started acting abnormally intermittently. The volume up button wouldn’t work at all, but volume down did. Then it would be perfectly normal, and for a while the most common thing was volume up did nothing, but volume down made the volume go up.

No difference when turning the steering wheel other positions – it just acted weird for sometimes a few minutes and sometimes an entire trip. In addition, normally there’s a “click” when the steering wheel turns the opposite way of the turn signal and disengages it, but I thought I noticed an audibly different/louder one on just one occasion after the steering wheel volume controls started acting weird.

No problems with the horn or any other buttons, but figured they were going to start acting up so I wanted to get the clock spring.

Trying to figure out the correct part number on the various dealer and parts sites was confusing, so I figured the smart thing would be just take the steering wheel off and look at my actual part number on the part.

The negative/ground wire for my air bag somehow was wrapped sort of in between and under the orange and yellow plugs, which only gave me about a quarter inch of room to fish those two connectors off because they were tugging on the wire connector in the steering wheel. Was a pain but managed to get everything out and snap a picture of the part number then buttoned everything back up.

This was on Dec 17th. Placed the order for the new part, but here’s the thing… the volume buttons have worked perfectly since that day. I’ve turned the wheel every which way and had lots of short and long trips, different weather conditions, etc and it’s been 100% perfect.

So now I’m not sure what to do. I guess it’s possible that grey connector was maybe a little loose since it moved a little when the wire was gently pulling on it. I guess I should just swap it out anyway? I feel like if I return it (would be nice to get that ~$290 back), the buttons will go wonky again the second I drop the box off to ship. I wondered if maybe it was a problem with the head unit, but that one click I heard sounded like plastic breaking, and it would be awfully coincidental it fixed itself after taking the steering wheel off, but at the same time I did have the battery disconnected so it was a good reset. If I change the clockspring and it turns out I need a new head unit instead that’s gonna suck extra.

So I’m not sure what the point of this post is other than maybe venting and sharing my confusion. But also if you have a 2015 S, the correct part number is above.