SOS Snorkel Nightmare


Bought an X
Greetings all

Got a nightmare here, so bambi decided to land on my windshield a few months ago and I finally decided to replace it. Well no shop is willing to work on it because the snorkel bracket is overlapping and on the way. Even with 2 people doing it they can't guranteed a proper water proof seal so will not do it.

They would like me to remove the snorkel and bracket. Which would be a pain. So I wish to see if there is alternative to use something else instead of pain in the ass pivot pin screws incase this were to happen again. Is there an alternative to holding down the snorkel head. I googled and didnt see anything. I was hopinh I find some diy strap or something but with the hole in the C-Pillar I would need a nut or post from the inside. Any suggestions?? Thank you


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