Non Xterra - For Sale Pair of Meshtastic/LoRa Radios


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Selling a pair of Meshtastic/LoRa radios. These are the latest version of the Heltec V3 and are complete with battery, 3d printed case, and antenna. Ready to pair with your phone and go. I have two pairs, but only selling one. One set is regular filament and comes with an extra face plate to match if you'd like - $120 shipped. The other pair is carbon fiber material (one red, one green) for $130 shipped. Both prices are less than I paid with taxes/shipping. I had ordered one pair (weeks prior) and bought the other local intending to cancel my order, but then couldn't because it just so happened to be shipping that same day. I put a link to a video that has a basic explanation of what they are, and the channel has some great series on how to use them.