My xterra isn't turning over but then hours later i get home from work then i jumped in it an it started then next morning nothing again any ideas


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Tucson AZ
I just went through this after spending hours on this site and others, and going to the dealer and 2 local independent shops. Turns out it was the IPDM (electrical brain of the car) after all, even though I had the black one that is not supposed to be a problem (evidenlty white ones fail often) and it passed the test you can do yourself by pressing the buttom in the door jamb 10 times. Nissan dealer was worthless, told them it was most likley the IPDM and they tod me I needed a new negative battery cable (which is evidently on back order nationwide and they could not give me an estimate of when it wold come in.) I did not replace the cam and other sensor recomended on forums along with the IPDM and its been working fine.

I have a 2015 manual transmission pro off road version and one mechanic discoverd if you turn on the car and press the clutch sensor disable button on the lower left dashboard, the car will start. He was right, the switch lights up and the cars starts all the time until I got it fixed. I was really annoyed at Nissan for not being able to fix it in 3 days even though I gave them the probable cause list. My first xterra was an automatic that died with 90K miles on it due to the strawberry milkshake of death problem (pipe holding tansmission fluid flows through radiator to cool it, the pipe springs a leak, radiator fluid gets into transmission and kills it). Nissan knew abut this too and didn't do a recall, just extended the warranty on that to 100K. So basically I maintained the car well and it died at 90K miles.

I might add I have a 2006 Nissan 350 Z that drinks oil and this problem was also known to Nissan and they gave people new engines for a while, but that was way before I got the car.

Latest consumer reports vehicle reliability ratings peg Nissan at 45 out of 100. Lexus and Totota are in the 70's. Last Nissans I will ever own.