Edo's 2018 Titan XD


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Nitro, WV
Figured I would stick this here for anyone that would be curious.

I bought this Titan in June of 22. Even after all the terrible things I heard about the 5.0 Cummins.

I have yet to find anything I hate about it. Other than maybe the price of diesel.


Just how I picked it up around a month after the dealership.
I wasn't sure about the red. But the more I have drove it and the longer I have owned it. Its really grown on me.

First little mod was getting some vents on the windows. Gotta be able to crack the windows and not get rain inside.

Keeping on...

A few friends were dying to make a wheeling trip, and now that I had the perfect vehicle to actually drag my old X around, I took it out for a test run to see how well it pulled it. And was actually quite impressed.


Just a little squat from the X being a touch too far forward. But nothing bad.

On the way back from TN I was thinking "this thing takes DEF, I wonder when I should add some?" Sure enough I found out that there actually was a gauge other than "Level OK"

After plenty of driving at night and finding out all the wiring was there, I bought the OE foglamp switch and slapped some fog lamps into it.


Every little thing makes this truck look sharper every time.

Finally had my fill of the OEM radio being the base bluetooth unit I decided to give it a little upgrade.


Stuck a Pioneer DMH-WT3800NEX in it and did the Maestro iDatalink ADS-MRR2 interface to keep all my controls intact. And be able to use all the fancy functions of the radio.

Was really on the fence about the Duratrac's that were on the truck when I got it.
Really liked them when it was dry and even in the rain. Didn't like them too well in the snow. But opted for them again just knowing how the truck handled with the ones that were on it. Decided on some 285/75R18's and it really did make the truck look a whole lot better. Did have to remove the front flaps and to a bit of modification to the inner fender liners.


So far its been a journey I didn't see myself taking with a Nissan, much less one with a diesel engine.