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    Changed battery - now 4WD light is on

    I changed my battery and when I cranked up, my 4WD light came on even though I was not in 4WD. I switched into 4WD for a few feet and switched back out and the light remained on. Anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
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    S suspension bottoming out - need suggestions

    Thanks for your comment. My understanding of shocks (admittedly limited) is their purpose is to mainly control rebound, not control the initial shock. Is this incorrect? However, I do plan to purchase shocks, either Rancho, which I have used in the past, or Bilstein, which I have never used...
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    S suspension bottoming out - need suggestions

    Hi there, I'm brand new here and new to Xterra's. I bought a 2015 Xterra S 4x4 a few months ago and have noticed the suspension, especially rear suspension is very mushy. The rear suspension bottoms out with any decent sized bump, even on pavement. Does anyone have any suggestions on the...