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  1. TheFauxFox
    I dun like change.
  2. Joey
    Blown motor, were can I find a alternator snorkel?
  3. Joey
    Joey SnickerDoodle
    I'm in the **** with a gauge install. Do you know how to remove the bottom kick plate on the driverside or can you point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  4. 01XterraPhilly
    the lights are bright. Im not flipping them on when Im on the main roads, only on the backroads in the mountains or down at the beach. once I see headlights i turn them off. cops dont give a eff because jeepers have them all the time. like 1 out of 3 jeeps have a 50" light bar and pods. they arent getting hassled. Ive been pulled over and never been asked about it. the only time Ive had to cover them up was for inspection. Nothing a plastic bag cant handle. anyway, I can do this sunday. Preferably late morning like 10am or so. the cat food is Royal Canin Urinary SO in the 17lb bag. its like $65 my price.
  5. Bile
    Bile 01XterraPhilly
    Canine? No wonder, your feeding him dog food. Lmao!!!
    I assume you meant feline. I will see what I can come up with.
    Thats right! I helped chop off his winky. Lol.
    My next day off wont be til Sunday.
    What did you mean about Tuesday??
    Oh yeah, you never answered me about your light. How bright is it? Im thinkin bout gettin one. BUT, I read a PA law about them having to be covered on public roads. Have you ever been hassled by John Q Law for having it?
  6. Shoko78
    Hello group, I have a doubt , I have a 02 xterra 2wd and I raised the front 3'' and I wanna put some new wheels, my question is what would be a good offset for my xterra?
  7. Bklyn.X
    I'm so sorry I did not see this until just now.
    I've never installed the WARN Hubs, only taken them out to replace with HB Hubs.
    However I am pretty sure that you remove the entire OEM Auto Hub. It is a easy install and I could figure it out just by looking at them if I had them in front of me.
    If you're near Brooklyn I can install them for you (and show you how) before lunch any sunny day.
  8. Bile
    Bile Bklyn.X
    Hello. I'm really sorry to bother you. I had a quick question. I'm not sure, from the picture you posted, what parts I'm supposed to remove, and which to leave in place, to install the Warn hubs. Would you possibly know? I've never dealt with hubs, so this is all new to me. Thank you for your time.
  9. mikesbaron
    mikesbaron mac11
    Do you have those gen 1 taillights still available?
  10. jg8992
    jg8992 mkgearhead
    Awesome thanks
  11. mkgearhead
    mkgearhead jg8992
  12. jg8992
    jg8992 mkgearhead
    I like that radio you got man who makes it?
  13. Beefyneck
    Welcome I'm new
  14. Jrat73
    Thanks for the add
  15. ThompsonXterra
  16. tjxt01
    Ok I'm looking for a 2" lift kit for my Xterra, so if anyone finds anything holler at me please.
  17. BLUE-X-979
    BLUE-X-979 Fromfrontier2Xterra
    I will also be doing the res delete this weekend as well
  18. BLUE-X-979
    BLUE-X-979 Fromfrontier2Xterra
    Thanks man, have anything new on your x, ive added led headlights,fog lights, and another 24" bar on mine
  19. Fromfrontier2Xterra
  20. BLUE-X-979
    BLUE-X-979 Fromfrontier2Xterra
    Hey man i have a question for you, i want to do the resonator delete on my x, what all is involved with that
  21. TheFauxFox
    TheFauxFox Dirthouse
    So that was me you parked next to last Friday at the plant. I work in the same area you do, but only for a few more weeks. Im across from Damp Sand on Days.
  22. korndog1284
    I'm kind of a jerk... if you can accept that maybe we can be friends! :D
  23. XterraristX35
    Hey guys and gals, my name is Austin Weber I am new to the Xterra world, would love to talk about your ride and the modifications you have!
  24. metzican
    metzican Maxterra
    Hey Dave, I know you have not met me but hopefully you remember me from the forums. I'm on my crazy trip. Right now I'm broken down. My trailer is in Mt. Pleasant. My vehicle is at the dealer in Orem. My axle shafter started coming out and my rotor was wearing on my caliper. I'm currently in a hotel in Orem. I don't know where you were you are located. But every hotel I talk to says there sold out on the 4th. I don't know if I will be up and running by then or not. Are you near Orem? Would you have a couch I could crash on if the time comes?


    Derrick Metz
  25. jg8992
    jg8992 DirtyRice120
    What size tires you running?
  26. AZhiAZiAM
    AZhiAZiAM shumanchu
    Usually holister hills, bald mountain, lost lake and a couple other places in the mountains is where I used to bf o. And of course slo,
  27. orussell
    New to the X community! My stay in HI is just about over and I'll be heading back into FL soon.
    The story so far... '11 S trim Xterra w/ 2.5" (not full) suspension lift & 33's
  28. JESS05SE
    Looks like it's been awhile with no reply to this post. SUPRISE!!!!!
  29. SAKS
    SAKS granitex
    I will hit up AutoZone or similar for the Ubolts. Not sure when I am going do it. However I did get my lights wired up and installed a horn. I have new headlight lenses being delivered tomorrow. Should be all up to date after that.
  30. granitex
    granitex SAKS
    If you want or need help with the install, you know where I am. did you get new u-bolts at the same time.
  31. SAKS
    SAKS granitex
    My rear leaf springs came today!!!! wootwoot
  32. Tex Terra
    Tex Terra SASXA
    Yeah, I remember seeing it for sale on the forum, was curious if you ever sold it and if not how much you where looking to get. Any info on the vehicle would be appreciated. I'm coming home fromm Afghanistan tomorrow for a month.
  33. SASXA
    SASXA Tex Terra
    It can be, you interested in it?
  34. Tex Terra
    Tex Terra SASXA
    Is that monster blue SAS'd X still up for Sale ?
  35. BobbyJ
    BobbyJ obi_krash
    Hey, Obi-Krash,
    Since you're in Richmond and I'm in Spotsylvania, thought you may have some ideas. Was checking my radiator support while i had my grill out and found major rust and breakdown on that item.
    Do you know any Xers or Fabricators local that give me a good deal and great repair on this?
  36. MichiganMan
    MichiganMan Roadwarrior
    Hey RW,

    I was looking through old threads about shocks and saw a post regarding the "Nismo" set from 4x4parts.com - your message said that you had the front ones? Or at least that is how I read it. If you did go with these, how did you like them? The shocks on my 2004 are completely shot and I was thinking of giving these a try - 4 shocks for $250 is pretty good deal: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18980753-nismo-by-bilstein-shock-kit.html


  37. Timrich
    Timrich BobbyJ
    What was your question? Maybe it was something basic and it's being overlooked. You aren't in the wrong and you'll never be chastised for asking a newb question here. We strive to make this forum as friendly as possible.
  38. BobbyJ
    BobbyJ Timrich
    I don't really need anything moderated and i am really new to the Nation, but i was wondering is there some rookie mistake or gaff i am making. There seems to be good advice being shared here and i have been watching and learning a lot. but when i posted a question several days ago it seems like a ghost town. no one has even said boo. Are newbies to the site ignored for a while or something? Just wondering.
  39. BobbyJ
    BobbyJ obi_krash
    New to the Nation and to Xs i general and will only be doing mild mods when i get started. I noticed you were a fellow Virginia and thought i may get an answer to a question i posted yesterday, my first, but that nobody has responded to. Hope you can help.
    I installed a rear view cam and monitor in my 2003 se and it seems to work only if i don't have my foot on the brake. The monitor is hooked to what i thought was the reverse positive wire at the gear shift, but was probably not. service manual says the wire should be y/r for the reverse connection. I have no idea where it could be. The one i hooked it to was the only one with power, but was not y/r. any advice? Bobby J
  40. Reblazek