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I will keep you in mind. Been thinking about selling my X after a Sept trip. If I do, I will be dismantling the it. All armor would be available, included roof rack. I'm less than 3 hours from you too.
Just bought a 2003 1st generation xterra a week ago, and have had my first run in with the anti theft system..I about broke my brain...but thanks to you Guys..was able to leave the embarrassing situation of being locked out of my own vehicle behind, I spent four hours trying every thing I could think NO avail..the info you gave me saved me a lot of @#%%&&, Thanks Xterra Nation
Glad this place could help.
Last Month:
P0447... ok I got that, parts ordered
C1163... ok I can find and fix that pesky wire(s)...
B1120... wtf... come on girl... meh, who needs airbags I've got 2 ex-wives already....
I might be interested. To be honest my price range is pawn shop bass guitar. I play rock smith and learn tab as a way to blow off steam. I'm far from a serious player, but I'd like to see what you have.

I currently have a early 90's BC Rich NJ series Warlock and a RJ 4 string I paid 50 bucks from a pawn shop
Recently bought a black 2009 SE X-Terra from the USA here in Québec City. Pretty Happy with it so far.
did you scrap the 1st gen already? I need the tcase adaptor case between tcase and trans
Hi Joe - I responded on the parts thread.
Are you able to elaborate on your comment? Thank you.

With Rugged Rocks in limbo (and questionable appropriateness),
i've had my X for a little over 2 -1/2 years and despite its hard shifts and crappy acceleration its still a fun car to drive!
Good Day!
Just to clarify, this connector will connect "between" the computer and the vehicle harness.
Howdy, I saw your post about using unistrut for a roof rack. Clever idea. I might go that route as well. I did have an unrelated question regarding your blue Xterra though. In your picture, I can see what looks like a recovery point poking out of your front bumper. How’s it mounted?