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New to the Xterra Nation, own a beauty '09 Xterra S since 2015. Have some rust and a bent corner on the rear bumper, considered doing some work on it, but considering getting it replaced, and possibly upgraded. Something in black would be nice. Suggestions welcome.
Hello, I am new to Xterra Nation and I just got a 2003 Nissan Xterra V6 non supercharged. I need to replace the muffler and tailpipe. All the ones I’m seeing online are connected. My question is, can you get it up and over the rear axle if I was to buy the muffler and tail pipe connected??
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They can install it. If need be they can cut it and weld it back or clamp it.
Hi, I am new to Xterra Nation. Live in Kelowna British Columbia Canada. Had few other 4x4s over the years that were basic rugged vehicles void of creature comforts so the Xterra is very nice. I want to put on off road lights with a long range - any suggestions? Also wanting to put on some kind of a brush/push bar in the front to mount the lights on. Enjoy your life The Shadow.