Xterra intermittent start problem.

ARCTICboy Feb 25, 2019

  1. ARCTICboy

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    Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a intermittent starting problem on my 2002 Xterra SC.

    - Starter has been replaced 5 months ago
    - Plugs, plug wire, cap and rotor replace 8 months ago
    - Fuel pump and fuel filter replaced 1 year ago
    - Battery replaced 1year ago
    - MAF replaced 5 years ago and is clean.

    No check engine light and only code was a Knock sensor code.

    It doesn't seem to be a heat or cold issue, has started in -30 and +5 so far this winter.

    When it does refuse to start it turns over fine but never seems to catch, almost like a fuel starvation issue. It has only once died on my while driving, no jerking or any preliminary signs just total shut off from the motor. 20 minutes later it restarted and was fine.

    Could it be a sensor or possibly the Distributor?

    Thank you for reading this [​IMG]

  2. harryron

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    The first place I would start is checking to see of the battle terminal are tight.
  3. Gravity

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    I just had an issue with the distributor. You can read my thread in the same topic. I was getting a start, but then die like a fuel cut issue. The distributors on these trucks seem to be pretty finicky. I could definitely see it being a cam sensor or ignition coil issue, which requires that the distributor itself be replaced. Just given all of the other parts you've replaced, that's the one real suspect.

    You could try spraying starting fluid into the intake while it turns over. If it starts when you do that it might be worth looking into the fuel system more. Did you check the sender unit that provides power for the fuel pump? They're known to corrode at the 90 degree connector on top of the fuel tank.

    I'd also check and clean your engine and battery grounds, since that's pretty easy and should be done anyway.

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