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Prime Nov 20, 2017

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  1. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin Super Moderator

    Ladies and gentlemen, here's your chance to win a piece of XN swag!


    Post a picture here of something that you're thankful for in this thread. If you have Instagram, be sure to tell us your name there so we can tag you when we post the submissions.

    You must have 25 posts under your belt in order to win. So, if you're new here you may still submit an entry and you have until midnight on Thanksgiving to get your 25 posts. I'm sure there's a question we can answer. Or a build you want to comment on. Or just come to the Whore thread and hang out for a while.

    Post your submission here and if you've got 25 posts by midnight on Thanksgiving, we'll post your picture to our Instagram feed on Black Friday.

    At midnight on Sunday the entry post with the most likes wins!

    You do not have to have Instagram to participate, but you will need it to vote.

    Be crazy and creative. Show how much you want that coozie!
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  2. harryron

    harryron The Grumpiest of Mid-Westerners Supporting Member

    I'm so so thankful for this!
  3. bottobro

    bottobro I'm a pretty girl! Supporting Member

    Long Island NY
    I am thankful for having the amazing family I have. This includes my biological family, my xterra family at xterra nation, any friend I have met along the way in this crazy thing called life and my copilot that is with me through thick and thin! FB_IMG_1511494282175.jpg
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