WTT: Complete AR-15 lower (modern sporting rifle)

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Lincoln, NE
I've got some complete lowers laying around and am deciding to thin the herd. Right now I'm looking to TRADE only, because it's hard to buy anything in this market. I can throw cash on my end if what you have exceeds the value of the lower (somewhere around $400). Must have an FFL willing to accept shipment from an individual. If I get no bites on a trade then I will consider selling outright.

Here is what I've got:
Complete DPMS lower
receiver endplate sling mount
will add magpul enhanced trigger guard
will throw in one 30rd black pmag or 20rd FDE pmag




Things that I will trade for:
Glock 17,19, or 23
S&W M&P 9 or 40
Ruger LCR .357 or .38spl
RIA 1911 or similar
Benelli Nova Tactical

If you have something else that you think might interest me, PM me and we can talk.
Not open for further replies.