Won’t crank/Turn over.

allisonparris Jul 20, 2018

  1. allisonparris

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    So the other day I went start my XTerra and it wouldn’t turn over. Doesn’t make a sound. All my lights come on, radio works. Just nothing happening. No clicking. Nothing. My dad thought it could be the starter so he replaced it and had oreillys test it and the starter was actually bad. Well when I tried to start it, nothing. I did some research and a lot of people were saying that the security system can cause this and since I don’t have a keyfob I should turn the key over and leave it “on” for about 10 minutes. Well, it cranked and I was able to drive it home. But then when I tried to leave for work the next day, nothing. So I come home from work and started fiddling with it a bit. No idea what I did but it cranked. I turned it off and back on and it cranked again so I thought worst was over. Then here we are today and still no crank again . I’m dying over here because I love my XTerra and I’ve only have it about 4 months. Send help!!
  2. Prime

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    It doesn't sound like an issue with the immobilizer. If it was then it would just crank and crank and never start.

    So you're need to make sure that your signal wire from the ignition is making it to the starter relay.
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    could also be as simple as a loose battery connection
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