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07Terra May 16, 2018

  1. 07Terra

    07Terra Test Drive

    I'm new to the group and fairly new to the desert race scene. At the moment I am in the process of acquiring parts to long travel my X (2wd). I went with the Dirt King long travel race kit along with King shocks, bypasses, and bumps. As of now, I just need to buy wheel spacers/adapters for the rear so it can accept the 6x5.5 Method wheels I purchased as well as a new set of rotors and pads for the rear. After that I just need to save up for the install along with the custom shock hoops and engine cage. I'm just going to put blocks in the rear for now until I can afford to put a new set of Deaver springs in the rear. I also need to regear the rear to accommodate my 35s. I'm so close but so far away!
  2. Fromfrontier2Xterra

    Fromfrontier2Xterra I spend more money on comic books than my X Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Altoona, PA
    Welcome! Very excited to see and learn more about your build. Feel free to browse and start any threads to ask questions you don’t find answers to. Also, we chat a lot of nonsense and get to know one another here;


    Oh, and we like pictures! Lets see your x.
  3. Prawn

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    Las Vegas
    Welcome aboard! Yes, pictures are nice!
  4. Edwin562

    Edwin562 Test Drive

    Welcome! Im from Socal as well. ...... well not for long though.. haha

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