What to do about my rust ?


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So I been wanted to do something about mu rust for some time
now that I did the 2 inch body lift.. there is more room between frame and body to work on..
so I have 4 options of what to do..

#1 Eastwood Black Rust Encapsulator

#2 Cosmoline RP-342 Black Rust Preventive

#3 Rust-Oleum, Black, 248658 Rust Reformer / Rust-Oleum 248656 Professional Grade Rubberized
Hit it with the reformer first then paint it.

#4 its an old truck 2007 ... leave it as it is.. lol

here are some photos.. for the most part this how frame looks and stuff..



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Your rust doesn’t look too bad. when I did mine, I decided to knock the rust off with a wire brush grinder and painted it. Finished with CRC corrosion inhibiter. I’ve been satisfied with the result. Check out Project Farm’s video on corrosion inhibitors. Several good options. I used Fluid Film on the wife’s car and it has been good too.



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is what we use in Hawaii for nasty rusty things. Wire brush and coarse sand any flaky bubbly rust then paint with OSPHO and let dry 24 hours. Sand and wipe with alcohol or other cleaner. This stuff takes Fe+3 in Fe2O3 and reduces it to Fe+2 in Fe3(PO4)2 which is black and inert. This stops the rust from continuing. After you clean (especially clean off non rusty surfaces as it doesnt react with those and needs to be wiped off prior to painting). Then paint with rust oleum or what ever your favorite anti rust paint Then you can undercoat it or do something else if you want to. I always have a gallon of it around. Always put OSPHO in a separate container before painting and donʻt pour any back into the main container that you have been painting with. Putting bits of rust and stuff into your main container will slowly neutralize it.


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I used phosporic acid on an old VW bus- decades ago, and painted with rustoleum. On a Honda Element I sprayed the surface rust with Locktite rust neutralizer and then spray painted over it- Thtats what I will do on my 2001 Xterra- after first hitting the rust with a wire brush