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Gen X Jul 2, 2019

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    So, in the sweltering heat of this past Saturday, I changed the front and rear diff fluid and the transfer case. Also finally got my AC shackles put on too, replacing the DIY shackles from the previous owner. They gave me a bit more lift and are far more solid than the welded frankensteins from before.

    Anyway, got all the fluids in and cleaned up then was tossing the bottles. I noticed on the diff fluid that it said "For LSD, top off only". Dang it! My rear diff has the "LSD Oil Only" sticker. So, what's the difference between LSD specific gear oil and the regular GL-5 compliant fluid? I've got a 2001 SE with manual trans. The fluid I put in was Valvoline 80W90 high performance oil. The description read this:

    Recommended for conventional hypoid differentials and non-synchronized manual transmissions in passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and heavy-duty trucks where an API-GL5 or GL-4 fluid is specified

    So I thought I was good. But, like I said, when looking on the back of the bottle there was the LSD top off only wording.

    Do I need to drain an replace the fluid again? And, this fluid is ok for the front diff right?
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