transfer case rebuild

bm2004x Nov 7, 2019

  1. bm2004x

    bm2004x Test Drive

    United States
    I have some play in the driveshaft coming out of the rear of the transfer case. It makes a rumble strip tire noise when letting off the gas almost to the point of removing your foot completely. my guess is the drive shaft is vibrating there. found a whole new t-case for 200. not sure if a bearing is simpler but cant find the part or any how-to's. Anyone replace this bearing before??
  2. TerryD

    TerryD Total Tease Supporting Member

    Covington, Va
    You might check the backlash in your rear axle. A pinion bearing dieing can cause similar sounds.

    Also double check your u-joints before you drive into rebuilding a t-case. It's normal, in my experience, for that to be slightly loose.

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