Trail Cooking - What Stove Do You Use

Brunnie Oct 24, 2020

  1. Brunnie

    Brunnie First Fill-Up (of many) Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs
    The Coleman propane stove we have just isn't doing the job anymore. It is a good stove, but not a great one. I've been looking at the Camp Chef Everest and it has its good points, like 20,000 btu per burner, but I'm not sure if that is so good. It kind of tells me that it may not have good low flame control.

    The other stove I'm looking at is the Eureka Ignite Plus. The burner output isn't the same, 10,000 btu per burner, but that may mean better flame control too.

    What do ya'll use?
  2. TerryD

    TerryD Total Tease Supporting Member

    Covington, Va
    Coleman white gas. I have a single burner 400, a two burner Sears branded stove and a 3 burner for when the whole family is out.
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  3. Springfield

    Springfield Test Drive

    Sunny Florida
    Traveling light I've used just a cheap propane single burner with little tanks the size of spray paint. Folds into a small case, very compact, easy to light and controllable. For multi-day camping it's a 20 lb propane tank with 3 way upright manifold. Lantern on top, then a folding table with 2 or 3 burner full size propane stove. The 3 burner model has a char-grill ceramic screen that can do a job on burgers, steak or pork chops. Can leave the lantern running all night for several nights and still have gas to cook with.
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  4. westslope

    westslope First Fill-Up (of many) Supporting Member

    Wildfire country, BC
    Coming from a backpacking, canoe-tripping background, I use a MSR WhisperLite Stove that runs on white gas.

    Messy startup but heats very, very quickly.


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