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Brunnie Apr 6, 2020

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    Here's one I've never seen before:
    2011 S Xterra

    Last week new tires also left rear TPMS replaced as it was defective. Two days later left rear is losing pressure, has a screw in it, tire repaired.

    Today TPMS "tire" indicator starts flashing, then goes solid. No "Check Tire Pressure" message is displayed in the dash display. Checked tire pressure and adjusted them all to 40 and then took a spin around the block. Tire symbol still flashes and then goes solid. Scanned for codes... there are none. Has anyone had something like this? is there a way to detect a defective TPMS sensor?
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    The flashing then solid pattern sounds like what I saw when I had dead sensors 4-5 years ago. They were about 7-8 years old.

    Anyway, you should see codes C1708-C1724 to indicate which wheel has low battery, no signal, bad data, etc. Section WT has the details. Think it also says a bad BCM ground can do a blink pattern.

    The catch is your scanner has to be able to read those from the BCM.

    I suggest swapping in your spare then taking a test drive and rescanning. You should be able to force a C1708-1711 by just leaving that sensor at home. At least that verifies your scan tool knows how to read from the BCM.
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