TM-D710G 2m/440 APRS Mobile

TerryD Aug 7, 2019

  1. TerryD

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    Covington, Va
    I have been wanting to get into APRS for several years now and this winter I had squirreled away enough that when HRO put the 710 on sale, I snapped one up.

    This is a very feature filled radio and a little daunting to read through the manual, looking at all its capable of.

    It's obviously a dual band, dual RX radio which is super handy. You can actively monitor two frequencies at the same time and easily select between the two to TX on if you need.

    The next thing is the built in GPS receiver and APRS functionality. It takes a bit of reading to set it up but most of the settings are already at a useable default.

    The next feature, which I haven't had an opportunity to use yet, is the internal TNC which can be used to operate standard packet radio such as Winlink email and direct messaging.

    The remote face plate is handy. My radio is under the passenger seat and the faceplate is mounted on the dash with a Ram X-Grip. You will find a mic extension cable and external speaker very handy with this setup.

    The radio also has weather alert that will monitor the NWS frequencies and if the emergency tone is detected, it will tune the radio to that frequency so you can hear the message. There's also the one touch reverse so you can check proximity to a station on a repeater or help someone who may not have their settings correct.

    Overall, I love Kenwood mobiles. They are easy to use and I routinely set up memory channels on the fly with just a few button pushes. I'm looking forward to many years of service from this work horse of a radio.
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    I also run one and have a similar opinion of it. You won't get more features out of a single 2M/440 rig.

    Don't forget it's a cross band repeater as well.
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  3. CHUG

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    That is a nice unit.. Like the clear Font they use. That will make for some good Comm's.

    Do you keep it exposed to the sun on dash?. Thinking Heat will kill it, in summer time. My ICOM is mounted Just below the Hazard button, on a Mount. Summer time I will toss a Hat to reduce excessive heat. Electronics hate heat..
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