The Free Xterra Build


Bought an X
so yet another hiatus, I succeeded in getting my cdl :) soooo its a start lol, it also means my spare time can be dedicated to fun stuff again.

Need to order those rotor bolts, idler arm brace, hd tie rods, lugnuts for my yota wheels, and do the pml, replace the leaf spring, do the front brakes (check the rears) replace the power steering reservoir, get it aligned, get the windshield replaced, headliner replaced, and have it cleaned and drive it.


Some Kind of In Charge?
You Ferd boys are weird.... Why settle for 302 when the 351W is out there? Either way, LS is superior swap fodder, cause, ya know, Chevy..... ;)
Because the 351 is a lot taller and I feel like deck/intake height might be a concern.

Also, blah LS blah de blah

The Ford Windsor is an engine that I know inside and out. I've never touched a Chebby v8. And I enjoy ice skating up hill.


Bought an X
so my replacement spring had 3 leafs plus a helper but fit, so I put that on, my bilsteins, and the rear wheels/tires, I'll do the fronts next weekend off when I get the tool for the spindle nut (I do shiat by the book)