TGPWS 8: Hope it can only get better.


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Fun fact; Ronnie James Dio is from Cortland, NY. My hometown.
I'm probably the BIGGEST Sabbath head on this site . PERIOD . . .
And I loved R.J.D. in Heaven and Hell/Black Sabbath . I think he had THE BEST voice in Rock along with Sammy H.
Listen to a band called ELF that he was in . It's got a bluesy type of feel to it .


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Screaming Jay Hawkins original version of "I put a spell on you" is the best and always will be. Most people don't even ufcking know that it's the original. CCR made it famous, and I respect that. But Screaming Jay Hawkins deserves his due.


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Made a Sceamin Sicilian frozen pizza while prepping ribs. I've gotta say if you haven't tried them you're missing out on a slice of heaven..


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the one with the pep chunks under the pizza is just a grease-fest though. that would be the only one im not a an of

also the little cut out mustache is cute.