Tail light fuse keeps popping, right side out

SerDerpALot Jan 18, 2019

  1. SerDerpALot

    SerDerpALot Test Drive

    So I keep popping fuses for the right side tail light. It takes my dash lights with it too. Theres even a flash as soon as I pop a fuse in. It had stopped popping for a few months and now its back doing it. I'm trying to trace it now with a short circuit finder but I keep getting a little lost since I can't find reference for where exactly the wires are ran compared to truck location. So I'll tell you where I have beeping and where I don't.
    Beeps at:
    Fuse box under hood
    The wires going from the fuse box into the hole
    Under my steering wheel by the foot petals
    At the light switches/turn signal handle on the steering wheel

    Where I don't get beeps:
    The head light itself
    The wiring going behind the panel of the truck wall
    The cable tray at the bottom door that's under the carpet in the back passenger right hand side.

    So I'm sure the short is between the steering wheel area and the back passenger side but I'm not sure of the harness location of the missing area.
  2. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    So is it the brake light or the running light?

    The fact that it takes out the cluster makes it sound like the running light but I want to be sure.

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