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I agree with @IM1RU. Plus you would need to remove the hitch mounted swing arm to tow. Then the added issue of recoveries. Not sure how that would handle a tug from a rope or recovery strap.

with a max gear you also get frame mounted recovery points

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Although its common to associate higher costs with out of touch thoughts more so or before quality and service attributes, the OP did not specify a budget or a quality level. Our first thought here is quality and longevity, materials like Cromoly tubing, not just mild steel.

You would not have to remove the swing-arm to tow, the Anti wobble hitch mechanism keeps the tire swing from rattling in your vehicle tow hitch and it is mounted up high for off road clearance using 1/4" steel. Tow up to 7501 lbs GTW and is rated as a Class IV. There is much to be said for the design characteristics.

Also, with the Swing-out tire carrier, IF you needed to remove the swing arm for any purposes, or switch it to another vehicle, you can do that. You can't take your Xterra bumper off and attach it to another vehicle if you consider multi purpose applications for any gear or utilitarian option. this makes sense. It has modular add-ons.

While understanding the limitations of a OE bumper, most hardcore people wheeling are looking for actual protection and not concerned as much with weight penalties, therefore a bumper would make more sense, with or without a swing-arm attachment. A huge demographic of people daily drive their rigs, MPG's eventually come into the equation. I would usually leave it to the end-user to justify what works for them in many cases.

Please see the attached video, I think you might be at least a little surprised at the specifications and what you're getting for the money all things considered.

Added note, your recovery points should ALWAYS be mounted to the frames of the vehicle.
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Wasn't suggesting they don't have a well built product. Was just suggesting for the money one could have an armored bumper that keeps the departure angle of the stock truck, AND has a tow point.

Noted,.. I did not discount your opinion. In return, I did further acknowledged your concerns in my last post, offering details that you can you still tow upto 7001lbs from its rear receiver hitch point as a TOW point. The capacity of the Classification of the OE hitch receiver could be less, reducing the overall. The departure angle is close to a stock bumper and OE hitch still as the lowest point on the Xterra's with a Factor55 Recovery point in place. Realizing a 2* variance could make for a stubborn moment.

The other advantage(s) I did point out that you may have skipped over was that ideally if you were in the city and wanted to remove it for the daily grind you can do that. Also as a 2nd plus+, you could switch it out between different vehicles if you were fortunate to have more than one truck, whereas taking the static bumper off is not an option.

I would have also offered the Shrockworks option for a Bumper consideration too but unfortunately Shrockworks is no longer as of 3 weeks ago officially now. There are other options of course like a Heps or P&P which both have the integrated Hitchs in the bumper.

As a final note, the OP did asked about "Has anyone installed a rear hitch mount swing out spare tire carrier? If so what did you use?" and in response I showed him our offerings for a Rear Hitch mounted Tire carrier with detailed information in lieu of the OP's request for opinions.

The bumper conversation could be considered a moot point after all considerations for a rear bumper with even just a single swing-out is within a $200 +/- by most et al production based fabrication shops in price. Of course the only thoughts being whether a static bumper would be a better option features and benefits wise vs the Hitch mounted Tire carriers.

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