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2002 Nissan Xterra 4wd Supercharged and so much more. OK, so....I love my truck. I do. Much time and money has been lovingly poured into it. BUT, it is time I part ways with her. There is someone out there who will love her like she deserves to be. Custom lift, all interior redone in leather, fancy stereo bluetooth etc and even a subwoofer to boot. Custom dash and gauges. She is in pretty great condition considering she is a 2002 Xterra. Brand new tires Yokohama Geolander MT 33/12.5/15. Of course nice rims, horrible shocks. You will want to get those replaced . Both A arms have been reinforced much stronger. no aftermarket piles of junk. Center link recently replaced. Sway bar and torsion bars. You know, the works really. Super cool battery connection setup. All windows tinted pretty darn dark, dark enough that when turning at night you should probably roll down the window to see better. Speaking of windows, all power windows, auto transmission, 4wd locking hubs. Sweet custom bumper, metal halide headlights, two sets of fog lights and light bar on top the old school KC lights just weren't her thing. Engine was replaced and is at 90k. So yeah, if you have any questions or whatever it is you feel like saying please do. If not, right on. Figured I would just kind of throw it out there and test the waters. Would like to get $10k out of her but am a reasonable and sane person and am open to offers. Mostly. Reasonable ones anyway.


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