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Hey guys we are about to make a hand gun purchase and wanted some thoughts on the Springfield XDs9


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Hey guys we are about to make a hand gun purchase and wanted some thoughts on the Springfield XDs9
Hey David,
Personally I like the XD's I've been carrying a XDM 40 for a few years.. They are very reliable and when we go out to Front Sight for training I've run 1000 to 1500 rounds through my 9mm in a weekend and never had an issue.


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My grandfather has his own conceal carry holster company (smartcarry) and gives very high praise to the Springfield xd series. If you plan on carrying all the time the best way to do so is with the smartcarry holster and a Springfield xd series.

Sorry if it sounds like an ad but it really is the best way to carry.

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I've got a XDMc in .45 and I love it. I've plinked around with the XD9, XDM9, and XDs45. I'd love to have the XDx9 as an EDC because the size is fantastic and it isn't that limited on rounds as compared to the larger calibers.


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I've got a XDM 9 compact 3.8" - love it for the most part, if I could buy it again I would go full size, not compact. The light weight of the compact adds a bit too much recoil for quick trigger pulling.

Have cycled about 1500 rounds through mine and never had a jam on regular ammo. I had 2 jams using repacked ammo in about 300 rounds (lead repacks).


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Excellent choice. Shot a few Glocks and XDm handguns and went with the XDm for the feel/fit. The back strap option is a nice feature. Went with the XDm 9mm 4.5".

When I get my concealed carry permit, I'm thinking of getting the XDs 40SW or 45 subcompact 3".

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I have a Kimber Ultra CDP II for when I lived in AZ and could carried concealed but now in CA I can't carried like I did before. But it's amazing little pistol and it's a .45.


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