So I did a thing, new tow piggy


Bought an X
2 years ago a lot of real life happened at once, my perfect credit tanked and my truck got stolen, so I bought an ecoboost on get jacked interest, but she saw me through, after a ton of long days and nights I’ve been able to build back a bit, and today I was able to buy a truck that I wanted
definitely blessed
she is a 15 f350 xlt fx4, 6.7 psd cclb. I like ford, but didn't like the international diesels (yes even the 7.3) like cummins but don't like dodge, don't like ifs under a big truck (chevy) so that left me a pretty narrow search if I wanted a diesel, so lo and behold, will def be my last truck for a while, next big life thing, a house with a garage or shop
bye little ecoboost, thank you for everything


Bought an X
the thing about my job, on call 24/7 with every other weekend off, is I don't get much time to play or work on my toys :( rather they be whatever this things name is gonna be, xterra, or sloppy the bronco
Planned for the future tho:
Bedliner, B&W turnover, some sick ass powerstroke stickers for the hood, and I can't figure out how to connect bluetooth, and my cab lights don't work :(
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Nice looking truck. If make the Ford dealer fix the cab lights. They shouldn't have sold it with them not working.


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Oh I'm so jealous. I would LOVE an f250. I hope its super reliable for you.

What i wouldnt give for a clean 7.3.