Servicing a dry flow air filter.

rolling rock Mar 18, 2016

  1. rolling rock

    rolling rock First Fill-Up (of many)

    Just a word of caution when cleaning a AIRAID #851-048-1 SYNTHAMAX dry flow air filter. After cleaning and before reinstalling, make sure its DRY. And i mean DRY. I put my stock filter back in during this time. Airaid has a long service life of 30-50K miles before needing servicing. Do not use compressed or heated air. Let it dry naturally. And this may take DAYS. Faliure to do so will end up in with the intake sucking up the water resulting in a stalled engine, MIL light, MAF malfuction. Follow these simple steps and you have a quality air filter for life. Posting this after reading several failed attempts of putting the filter in too soon before its dry. I just got done servicing mine following these simple steps without issues.

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