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Bought an X
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We picked up a 2005 Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 for the purposes of a special products build, a DEMO vehicle from start to finish. Is there ever a finish? We were sad to see our 2013 Xterra go away before we really got started on it in the beginning but with this white on grey 2005 Xterra. As you can see, its been sitting for a few months and some minor but fixable neglect can be seen along with a host of items needing replacement altogether. The first thing is a clean up of in/out as well as some documentation/pics/video content and then the tear down to find all the flaws, repairs needed, to the upgrades begin from a stripped chassis..

Excitement to be able to add to the Build Page community sharing some of our thought philosophy, showcase our work, products both familiar and unfamiliar with, the company ideologies behind it all,.. and for some additional history of posts as better contributors to the community. We think you might actually enjoy the details we plan on putting into this Pro-jekt Xterra.