Selling a RWD 2000 in Canada

NorthernDriver Jul 16, 2018

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    Hi, folks ...

    I'm a newbie but have been on other Xterra fora. I have a RWD-only 2000 Xterra that is in very nice shape inside and out (just a tiny bit of surface rust at the rear, and some cracked fascia/grille from stupidly whacking ice off. This reputedly was a Texas or California vehicle prior to my buying it in Nanaimo in 2013 when my Camry wagon died. So the black plastic of the grille is faded from intense sun to grey ...

    Just washing the beast off to sell. It's white--my favourite car colour. Currently the car needs a major tune-up and I can't get the rear hatch to unlock, so the cleaning is awkward! I bought the Xterra with a known cracked manifold, but I would not bother to fix it. It doesn't bother me--just a bit noisy for others, but too pricey to fix. Also I can't turn it over due to a solenoid? issue, and the engine seals are dry so it's needing about a grand to be fun again. But it's in very good shape.

    I'm posting not to sell to you guys! I'm asking for tips to get the back open. Battery's fine, but nothing goes. Is that solenoid? Thanks...
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