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Bill Mar 11, 2019

  1. Bill

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    Hi Friends,

    Looking for a gut check on a recent diagnosis from a local mechanic. This is for a 2011 Xterra Pro-4X Manual transmission.

    Original Symptoms: When shifting into 4HI, the wheel display in the dash would blink as if trying to engage, then the whole display would go blank and the "4WD" warning indicator light turns on. 4WD never engaged.

    The shop that looked at it told me that the Shift Solenoid (actuator) on the transfer case needed to be replaced. He's looking for a used one, so now I have the car back, and there are a bunch of new symptoms:
    1. Every time I start the car, with the 4wd selector in 2wd (have not touched it), the wheel display blinks 4-LO like it's trying to engage. Eventually the display goes blank as described above, and the 4WD warning light turns on
    2. VDC Off light is on. Pressing the button does nothing.
    3. Cruise Control no longer works. I can turn on Cruise, and it lights up, but cannot Set.
    I am non-technical, but to me this seems like some wonky electrical failure vs. mechanical, however, I don't know what the shift solenoid all does, and if it could possibly be the culprit for all of these issues.

    My worry is that I might spend a lot of money fixing the wrong problem, and my local guy too 3 day to come up with the diagnosis he did, so my confidence level in his Nissan knowledge is low.

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