1. Springfield

    Springfield Test Drive

    Sunny Florida
    I'm a life-long sailor and have sailed a number of dinghys, keel boats, and catamarans. My reason for joining XN was needing a good used truck to pull my sailboat to the many rivers and lakes here in central FL.

    Here's a pic of a Windrider 16 trimaran, actually a pair of them I recently picked up. Friday evening around 7pm at the Indian River causeway between Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center. It was great sailing, moderate 10-15 mph from the north 75-80 degrees with more clouds than sun.
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  2. maillet282

    maillet282 If you bleeding, Imma fix you Moderator Supporting Member

    Sand Pit
    Nice. Used to sail when I was a teen. Haven’t had much time to get on the water since then ( 17 years ago). I miss it.

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