Runner/Swirl flaps intake manifold ????

Razzmaniac Dec 27, 2015

  1. Razzmaniac

    Razzmaniac Bought an X

    Saratoga Springs, NY
    2007 Xterra 130k Miles
    Been digging and digging for answers to a knocking and ticking sound in my truck. When cold, i get a loud knock sounding like marbles on a tile floor. Goes away when engine in completely warmed up. Although, the ticking (clattering) is always there.
    Found a video on youtube of a guy removing the runner/swirl flaps from his intake manifold. The sound his truck was making was exactly what mine is doing.
    Has anyone ever heard of this ????
  2. R00

    R00 Bought an X

    SF Bay Area
    Sounds like a VIAS valve. Does it only happen at certain RPMs?

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