Rugged Rocks R180 Titan Swap Extended Front Chromoly Axle Shafts


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So Rugged Rocks just released their Extended axles for the R180 titan swap and I immediately ordered a pair. Those who know me know that I like to see how far I can push my X with as little $$$ invested as possible. This is a DIY assembly or you can take it to a local shop to have them install it on your existing stock/oem axles. Important to note is the factory style CV boot retainers which should in theory aid in grease retention and prevent premature cv wear.

Why did I go for R180 T-swap?

1. I already have a Lokka that works beautifully in my R180. To get back to a locked front with the M205 would cost me the diff+shafts+ARB locker = too much dang money (roughly 1500-2000 depending on diff cost).

2. See #1 about saving money. Axles shipped cost me $245. New boots are probably going to cost me another $40. So under $300 to extend my existing shafts to work for a Tswap and stay with a locked front end.

3. Cost obviously doesn't change for the rest of the components.

When will I do the install?

Well... not for a little bit. I'm saving up to get the rest of the Titan swap parts and haven't decided if i'm going to drop big change on a nice external res set of radflos with the money I saved on the diff or if i'm going to go full cheap skate and do a tundra swap.

Will I update this with install notes and feedback?

Dang tootin. But it may be a while.