Rough/low idle start when warm (truck has been sitting off for 10ish mins after a drive)


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Hey guys, been having some issues with my 05 Xterra with 210k on it, I got the first time it ever happend on video today by accident but it has done it much worse later today. I start it after it’s been sitting for 10 ish mins after a normal operating temp drive. I go to start it and it idles at like 400 rpm very roughly and I have to hit gas for it to idle ok. Rough start video here!


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looks like you have a check engine light on. Are you able to pull the code?

also. Can you confirm what Color the IDPM white or black ?


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Early IPDMs (white) are known to have issues that can cause all kinds of issues. Knowing which code can help with knowing if the IPDM could be the issue.

Unplug the MAF and try to start it. That seems like a bad MAF signal to me.