Rough idle / skippy accelerations

Thanks48 Jan 24, 2015

  1. Thanks48

    Thanks48 Bought an X

    Chattanooga , TN
    Okay I have no idea what my X is doing there are no codes being thrown except for the thermostat but it's been on for years because I don't have a thermostat in it. It has been running fine till Sunday now when I start to accelerate it starts to loose power till you get above 2000 Rpms then it is perfectly fine. On top of that it does idle rough but if you give it little rev above 2000 Rpms it stops. The distributor is new spark plugs And wires are new. So anyone have suggestions it would help a lot.

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  2. XioCon

    XioCon Test Drive

    San Antonio, TX
    Check the timing. When they replaced my distributor they had it off by 20°.

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