Roofrack limits and my conundrum

bigskypylot Sep 11, 2019

  1. bigskypylot

    bigskypylot Bought an X

    I am trying to figure out what Avenue I want to go down. I got rid of the factory crossbars and use a Maxgear roof tray. I've mounted a CVT Summit series Mt. Shasta on it and never had a problem. I believe the limit was 150#? I am now looking at the Eezi-Awn Stealth or the GFC RTT.

    The Stealth is 220# vs. the GFC's 150# I was talking to Dave about the roof tray and he thought it wouldn't be an issue with either. I may mount a couple sets of Maxtrax up there possibly and a 100W panel. So the roof tray is around 40-50# add the weight of the tent, mounting hardware and maxtrax etc I'm going to be pushing 275-325# and 225-250# respectively.

    The Stealth is $4300, the GFC is 3500+ with options. I like the Stealth for several reasons and the se goes for the GFC. There are cons to both though.

    Perhaps I should just find a trailer and modify it to my needs and be done with it? I suppose 4500 to 5k could find me somethin . I dont want anything fancy. Just a adjustable rack, tongue storage box and perhaps Timbren suspension or torsion axle

    Thanks in advamce!
  2. Airmapper

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    I know what you mean. I run a RTT also and I hate everything about it except the good nights sleep I can get in it.

    I say just set your sights on getting bulk off the roof.

    I've been looking at hardshell tents as well, and they look much nicer, set up quicker, and are slimmer but solve none of the issues I have with my current setup. I've written off getting anything like that for the X, it's not moving forward rather having a more expensive setup of the same thing.

    I have a freakin' GOBI rack, and you know what, a RTT makes it darn near useless. If not for the super handy part that swoops down over the step down in the roof line, I wouldn't have any rack left to use. On the few trips I've done without the RTT, I've hammock camped and had loads of free space up there for stuff, it's wonderful. I love my roof rack when I can actually get to it. Not to mention it would be open for kayaks or other fun stuff.

    I've kind of been rolling around the trailer idea as well. Totally depends on my plans for a trip, but most 3+ day adventures far from home I never do any hard core wheeling anyway. A trailer is an inconvenience itself, but on those trips where I basecamp for 4 nights, it sure would be nice to have camp set up AND have my X free to run around. A friend is debating letting go of a M416 setup, I am kind of hoping he does sell it to me and I'll try that setup out for a while.

    I actually recently did a trip and took my traditional pop-up trailer camper, which I haven't done in a while. You know what, I forgot how nice it was to be able to walk into a structure, have a bit of privacy to change clothes, room to spread my gear out a bit, and make myself up a bed to just plop into at the end of the day. The pop-up is kinda big and heavy though, so not my first choice for exploring type trips. For weekends near the MTB trails though, I think it's going to see more use.

    Good luck man.
  3. Snagger

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    Ferry Trailers.jpg

    A trailer is the way to go!
  4. xdblduty

    xdblduty Test Drive

    I’ll sub this thread, seen more and more RTTs out there but man I’m against all that weight up there, just kills the handling, clearance, etc. So, until they come up with featherweight RTTs, I’m really shopping for a small trailer and while doing so, the wife also wants a built-in shower inside. What are the options for an under 5k lbs GVWR trailer? The RPods any good?
  5. bigskypylot

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    Yeah, I'm leaning heavily towards a trailer. I love that Schutt XV2 but not the 15K price tag as I only.want a simple trailer with tongue storage and an adjustable rack system of some sorts
  6. bigskypylot

    bigskypylot Bought an X

    I'm thinking of trying to find a M416 and mounting something like this on the lip with crossbars
    Can you modify these fairly easily with the Timbren axleless suspension? I suppose anything is with enough time andoney lol


  7. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    RTTs on trucks is dumb unless you're legitimately going on an Overland trip from point A to point B.

    They don't make any sense for general wheeling/camping.

    Change my mind.
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  8. Just a Hunter

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    After reading stories regarding leaks from around the mounting attachments of our roof bars, I'm not so keen towards doing something which may cause this problem to arise.
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  9. bigskypylot

    bigskypylot Bought an X

    Yeah. I never had an issue with mine up there. I recently had my X repainted and the roofrack came off. It was sealed up real tight and all new rivnuts when it was put back on. It looked good with it of . Kinda wishing I had left it off

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