Rausch July 16-18


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We all know it sucks that ECXC was canceled (understandably so). Just wanted to throw it out there that a group of us will be wheeling purples and blacks that Thursday and Friday at Rausch and either exploring somewhere else or wheeling greens/blues Saturday.

We wanted to extend an invite to anyone who wishes to join.

Please understand that this is NOT AN ORGANIZED OR SANCTIONED NeXterra EVENT. There will be no one in charge, no one making groups, etc. Please have a group together before hand.

We are staying at Twin Grove if anyone is interested in hanging out by the fire and drinking socially distant beers/water/wine/hooch, whatever.


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Just a heads up;
I've been told that Rausch is open Friday and Saturday, not on Thursday. If you plan to wheel on Thursday consider AOAA.