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Cpl Dirk Hradec Oct 27, 2018

  1. Cpl Dirk Hradec

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    Western Colorado
    This morning when I opened the hood to jump my X I noticed the fan had eaten a large hole in the shroud. Thinking "That ain't right" I started jiggling things and found my radiator seemed about to fall out. After looking at schematics and a service manual, it looked like at some point in time, the stubs on the bottom of the radiator had vibrated out of the holes and all I needed to do was put it back where it belonged. However, it looks like there are missing bushings that need to be replaced.

    What I am asking is, am I correct here? Is there more to keeping the radiator in place than the little bolts on the top? Are there bolts on the bottom I need to look for? All advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Cptpackrat

    Cptpackrat Sliders

    Gillette WY

    There should be 2 little rubber grommets at the bottom in the lower radiator support. They can sometimes fall out but usually if the radiator was replaced at some point they could have stuck to the bottom post and unknowingly thrown away. Should be pretty cheap on amazon or something like that

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