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amateurhour Feb 22, 2019

  1. amateurhour

    amateurhour Test Drive

    So I searched the forums for PowerTrax and Nitro and I've searched a few other forums but I haven't found anything so I wanted to ask here.

    There's a powertrax and a Nitro rear locker for the H22 that's listed to work with the 31 or 33 spline.

    I've reached out to the parts guy at these three links




    and they've all said that the lockers will work in the rear because they re-use the side gears.

    Like, this seems to good to be true right? Otherwise everyone would have gotten these instead of a $1500+ ARB setup?

    What's the catch?

  2. Gen X

    Gen X Bought an X

    Ashburn, VA
    I am interested to see responses on this topic. Does seem too good to be true, but sure would be a cost effeftive way to improve performance.
  3. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    Will they work? Yes.

    Caveat. You will have a locked rear end any time that you apply throttle. Meaning if you are in the middle of a turn on pavement and hit the gas the rear end will lock. That can be dangerous. You have to fully understand what that means. Coast around sharp turns and be very easy on interstate ramps. It requires a very specific driving style on the road.

    The reason to do an ARB is that it is fully selectable. A switch for locked.

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