Pet Barrier Options

LoneStarX Oct 12, 2014

  1. LoneStarX

    LoneStarX First Fill-Up (of many)

    So I'm going to be making the drive from San Antonio to Kansas City here in a little over two weeks, and I need to get a pet barrier to keep my two dogs in the back. I know there are a few options, but for those that have either the Weathertech, Raingler, or OEM Nissan one, what's your pros and cons of what you have, not including price?
  2. Maxterra

    Maxterra Wheeling Founding Member

    West Haven, UTAH
    I still have a Nissan one in the back from a few yrs ago to keep gear in the rear.
    Wife bought a between the front seats one from Petsmart to keep rusty in the back seat that works pretty well.

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