1st Gen - For Sale Parts due to totaling: Gobi Ranger rack & ladder, WKO 2in BL sliders, shrockworks rear bumper, full shrockworks skids, ARB snorkel...FEELER.

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Knoxville, TN
So.....my 04 is getting totaled by Insurance. And I am gauging interest in the parts I may take off vs the money ($700) insurance will give me for the Gobi Ranger rack(and rear laddder) and white knuckle sliders(2" BL). I also have a rear shrockworks bumber with tire carrier. I will need a stock bumper and roof rack in return for those two items. Also have shrockworks full set of skid plates too.

Gobi Ranger rack with ladder and wind fairing (1 screw broken for fairing and will need new rubber for fairing).....$700 + factory rack

WKO sliders DOM tubing with diamond plate tops for 2in BL put on then went on offroad hiatus look new......$400

Rear shrockworks bumper in great shape. Has hi lift mount and cb antenna mount....
$500 and will need stock bumper in return

Shrockworks full set of skids.....repainted and scuffed/dented......$450

ARB snorkel and hardware.....used, some scratches and what not......$250

I am trying to line this up soon due to having to answer to insurance and find out when I am able to access the vehicle and remove the parts they will not pay for and or under pay for. And this is a feeler as I need to take time off to remove said parts and receive factory needed parts (bumper and rack) in return.