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So here's the back history:
For the past few years I randomly get a P0101 MAF Sensor error code. A quick cleaning of the sensor and resetting of the code and all is well for a while.

After getting a bit frustrated with this, I decided to swap out the OEM sensor for another OEM sensor and see what happens. Now this "new" sensor was used from a JY, so this option was just an experiment. Again after a couple of months the code is set. (Clean and reset... again) I did this swap with several used sensors and still get the same results.

SO... Last fall I got a NEW sensor, OEM (Hitachi), and just put it in about a week ago. Two days ago the error came back. *UGH* (reset time.)

NO I do not have a K&N air filter or any other type of oiled filter. Each time I get the error code I've taken the air filter out and checked it for dirt, a couple of times it was a bit filthy so I replaced it. There is 1 permanent P0101 code stored that my scanner can't clear. (Maybe dealership time to have them clear it?)

Any ideas?

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Causes of Code P0101
  • Dirty, obstructed, or faulty mass air flow sensor
  • Damaged or disconnected air intake boot (snorkel)
  • Vacuum leak
  • Clogged or improperly installed air filter
  • Clogged catalytic converter / restricted exhaust
1. Replace air filter
2. Clean maf sensor ( or replace )
3. Check intake for vacuum leaks ( cracks )
4. You likely have a restriction in your exhaust (catalytic converter)


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Check the boot around the throttle body. Mine had split and it was starting to suck air in.

If you unplug the MAF and force it into speed density, does it run any different?


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Check the boot around the throttle body. Mine had split and it was starting to suck air in.

This. Sometimes it's simple and focusing on the sensor takes you down the wrong path. A long expensive path that won't even solve the root problem.

Replaced both of my rubber intake joints around 8-9 yrs old. Both were cracked. Around $20-30 if I recall.