1. Gary Vansickle

    Gary Vansickle Test Drive

    I installed an engine I bought off JDM Auto.
    Everything fit perfect but had to use injector rack off old engine because of orientation of fuel Line.

    Got P0030 very quickly.
    Engine lacks power - severely!
    3/4 Gas Peddle to get up a small hill.

    Replaced distributor, plug wires, spark plugs
    Crankshaft position sensor, ground wires, fuel filter.

    Took to Nissan
    Gas pressure very good - they could not figure it out.
    No vacuum leaks I think.
    They check 3 injectors which were okay - the 3 easily accessible.
    Rest are under Upper Intake they did not check.

    Unbolted one exhaust manifold in case a catalytic converter clogged - no increase in power but very noticeable misfire.

    Timed the engine today and got moderate improvement - no more backfiring at least.

    Got Starter fluid - no Vacuum leaks

    Googled everything and tried almost everything.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Think will pull all that reap off front of engine and see if timing belt has slipped

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