Oz; Rollin' Big - Massive Avalanche in Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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As Seen in Nissan Sports Magazine!



Username: Oz_X
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: 4WD S, Utility Package, Tow Package, Lojack, Compass Rear View Mirror, 100k extended warranty
Color: Avalanche

Noteworthy Acclaim:
Listing of Oz's HOW-TOs (Oz Mods)


Full Titan Swap (Titanized!)
  • Titan m205 Diff with Superior 456 gears
  • PRG Titan UCAs
  • Boxed Titan LCAs
  • Titan CV axles
Suspension, Lift, Tires, Wheels
  • 325/85/r16 (38") Michelin XMLs (LAV Tires)
  • PRG Extended Travel Radflos
  • Full Deaver Leaf Pack
  • Rear 10" travel Bilsteen Shocks
  • 6" Fabtech Lift (Dif Drop bracket and spindles)
  • Automotive Customizers 3" Body Lift
  • Spring Over Axle Conversion
  • PRG Shackles
  • PRG Extended braided steel Front brakeline
  • G & J Aircraft Rear Steel Braided Extended Brakelines
  • NISSAN DIY Beadlock Steelies
Bumpers and Armor
Electrical & Lighting
Recovery and Trail gear
  • On Board Air
  • WARN 8000lb Winch
  • 80' Synthetic winch line
  • ARB Snatch block
  • 8' 30k Tree Saver sling
  • 30' 30k Pro Comp tow strap
  • Engel 45 Refrigerator
  • Expedition Exchange Jerry Can Holders
  • (2) Wedco Jerry Cans (Original Non-leaking Non-CARB) with EE Holder Holders
  • (1) Wedco Water Can
  • Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Gobi Ranger Rack
  • Gobi Ladder
  • OZX1 Snorkel (retired for now)
Ride Height Specs
  • Top of Front Fender well = 47.5"
  • Top of Rear Fender well = 48"
Special Thanks to Steven of Rugged Rocks Off Road to whom I am grateful for his friendship and his help.
Special Thanks to Mac of Superior Axle and Gear for his willingness to help the Nissan Off Road Community.

Picts of new tires:



Old picts in action:














Rattlesnake Canyon 046.jpg


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J Everett

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Houma, LA
Man, that thing is montrous! Great job! La Rana is the only other X I've seen that's close. Can't believe Jim is selling her...


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Dickinson, TX
Very nice rig man, glad you joined here so you could share your ride with XN members too. I just had a small day dream of giving my X to my next son in line for a vehicle and getting me a 2nd gen. Thanks for making want to spend more money, my wife will love you for that.


<img src="http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u7/ra
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Pearl, MS
I don't think I have seen your rig before, definitely boss. I havn't even seen another 2nd gen as heavily modded.

J Everett

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Houma, LA
Holy crap dude! I've had that shot of Pinyon Mountain Squeeze saved on my computer since I got my X back in '08. I never knew whose Xterra that was!
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I love looking at people's wheeling pics. Can you show a pic of your secondary battery set-up, too?

I think you should also get a pic of it next to a stock X just so we can appreciate yours that much more.

Nice work, Oz!


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Excellent! Thanks for answering my question. Quite the battery power you've got running through that thing. :p


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Tyler, TX
I just have one complaint, the spare tire doesn't match. Maybe it is a little OCD, but that would make it the perfect X!!!

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joel said:
Truly one of the GREATEST Xterra builds ever.

Not worthy of such high praise! I do appreciate the sentiment. For reals I'd say it's in the top 50, well maybe top 100

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I posted it in this thread:


But Ill put the text here as well:

- - -
Behind The Wheel; Oz Trad’s ’07 4WD Xterra

It’s taken nearly four years for Oz Trad of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca., to get his ’07 4WD Xterra where he wants it to be. “I was really surprised by the lack of aftermarket support back then†he says, “but there is sure is a lot more available todayâ€. After installing a 6†diff drop lift and extended coil over shocks for the front, a spring over axle conversion for the rear, plus a 3†body lift, Oz was on the hunt for aftermarket gears. With none to be found he consulted his good friend Steven Lutz of Rugged Rocks Off Road, who is also a Nissan enthusiast, about approaching Superior Axle and Gear. Because of that Superior now manufactures 4.10 and 4.56 for Xterras, Frontiers and Titans, which share the same “F-Alpha†platform. Oz adds “Its been really great to have a company like Superior be responsive to our needs. I am really happy with the 456 gearing because it really helps with all the armor, plate bumpers and 35†mud terrain tiresâ€. Oz also fabbed his own snorkel using 3†aluminized exhaust tubing and off the shelf intake parts. Wanting to have a rear selectable locker, Oz swapped in a donated m226 electronic-locking axle from a ’05 Off Road model Frontier. Only thing left to finish is the “Titan Swap†which involves swapping out the original IFS with Titan upper and lower control arms, half shafts and m205 differential. This again is all possible due to the shared “F-Alpha†platform. The Titan Swap dramatically increases suspension travel as well as increased durability with the m205 Titan differential.
Oz states he has really built his “X†for overland type trail off-roading but does enjoy the occasional rocky shelf. Oz’s favorite runs are John Bull in Big Bear, Cleghorn in Cajon pass, Pinyon Mountain in Anza Borrego and the Mojave Road which stretches from Needles to Barstow.
Other features Oz has built into his X are a dual battery system, 800 Watt inverter plumbed to a waterproof AC outlet on the rear bumper, DIY bead-locked steel wheels, and a stealthy, hidden-in-the-bumper on board air system.
Future plans? Oz simple says one word: “Thirty-eights!â€

6" Fabtech Lift
315/75/r16 (35") BFG MT KM2s
10" Travel Bilsteen Shocks
PRG Extended Radflos & Shackles
Full Deaver Leaf Pack
JE Reel 1 Ton Double Cardon Driveshaft
WARN 8000lb Winch
Gobi Ranger Rack and Ladder
Shrockworks Front Bumper, Sliders and Skids
Maxterra Swing-away Rear Bumper
Blue Torch Fab Rear Diff cover
Optima Blue Top Battery/Exide Orbital Battery
Engel 45 Refrigerator
PIAA 580s
Blue Sea Auxiliary Fuse box
Kenwood DNX-5120 DVD Receiver with Garmin Navigation